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Westmoreland Co. Court of Common Pleas

May 21, 2019


A note from Mike: The question I'm asked most often is why am I running for Judge? The answer is pretty straightforward... family.


For me, everything is about family. A year after they were married, my parents took in four of my aunt and uncle's children without hesitation. Shortly thereafter, they had three of their own children bringing the total to seven. When I needed an advocate I had 6 brothers and sisters, 2 loving parents and over 40 first cousins to guide me, ground me, and cheer for me. Not everyone is blessed with that kind of build-in support system and family. Now with two children of my own in this ever-changing society and social environment, I realize even more how much of an impact family has on our lives and their future.


I’ve spent the better part of my legal career working in family law, witnessing firsthand the effects that contentious custody disputes, domestic violence, poverty, drugs or alcohol can have on kids. Some are even abused, neglected or mistreated. Through my job, I've come to realize that the person who can do the most good in the lives of these children is the Judge. So that's why I'm here.


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"I believe that with my skills, experience, and positive attitude, the family court bench is where I can create the most positive impact on our community. This county deserves a judge who not only knows the law and will apply it fairly, but one who will also be a community leader and set a positive example for children who come before them. I was raised to be a man of humility, respect, and honesty. As I judge, I will have one goal… to do what is right and just."

Countdown to the Primary Election

MAY 21, 2019



Most Highly Recommended

by the Westmoreland Bar Association